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A Message from LDANB President

I am very pleased to have returned to LDANB in my capacity as President. Having filled this role previously, I look forward to working with both long-term and new members of LDANB, and sharing in your enthusiasm for the enhancement of the life experiences of individuals with Learning Disabilities and their families.
This year marks the initiation of many positive opportunities for LDANB, and the potential for providing a strong voice within the LD community and the province at large. With the leadership of our Executive Director, André Deschênes, as well as the strength of a passionate Board of Directors, we believe that we are on the cusp of many initiatives that will sustain a meaningful role for our association in New Brunswick. Current initiatives include:
Management of PETL psycho-educational assessments for clients with LD
Delivery of updated Screening for Success training programs
Planning for the 2016 Symposium on Specific Learning Disabilities
Provision of Barton Literacy programs


In addition, LDANB is defining and expanding its scope related to ongoing collaborations and consultation with the Departments of Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour, Education and Early Childhood Development, and Social Development. As part of these deliberations, LDANB directors serve on many provincial advisory committees. Discussions with provincial decision makers have addressed the need for:
Employee Assistance Programs that serve individuals with LD
Access to screening and psycho-educational assessment for primary and secondary  students
Enhanced targeted supports for students identified with LD in the public school system
Timely access to intervention services
Linkages with Social Development in providing needed resources to New Brunswickers with LD


In the coming months, LDANB will be considering additional ways to support individuals with LD and their families through the exploration of potential funding pools for assessment, research to identify early screening practices in schools, support to families seeking cost-effective resources, and opportunities for the development of targeted interventions related to both classroom practices and Employee Assistance Programs.


Given that most individuals with LD will be part of the public education system in New Brunswick, LDANB will continue to pursue collaboration with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development with a view to enhancing the educational experiences of all individuals with LD. With the province’s commitment to a 10-Year Education Plan, such collaboration will be essential in ensuring that the needs of our consumers be represented and addressed.


We look forward to continuing the positive work that has taken place in the past, and to playing a role in positioning our province as a leader in accessible learning, inclusive communities, and professional environments for people with Learning Disabilities.
Dr. Patricia Peterson President, LDANB


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