Adults and LDs

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    Learning Disabilities and Employment

    For many adults who have learning disabilities finding meaningful employment that plays to strengths can be difficult. The skills of searching and applying for a job, attending an interview, accepting a job offer and then keeping a job may be particularly difficult for an adult with complex learning disabilities. The bright, alert demeanor of the...

LDANB-TAANB Teacher Series

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    LDANB-TAANB Teacher Series

    Word Wall vs Sound Wall Do you know the difference between a “word wall” and a “sound wall”? A word wall is “a collection of words which are displayed in large visible letters on a wall, bulletin board, or other display surface in a classroom.” They are usually arranged by first letter. But that word...
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    LDANB-TAANB Teacher Series

    Over the course of the summer, LDANB-TAANB will share learning opportunities for teachers and other school professionals. Free online course – Teaching Remotely: A Practical Guide “Over six weeks, we will cover best practices, resources, and strategies to set your Remote Learning classroom up for success while providing you plenty of op...

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