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Supreme Court Ruling on Learning Disabilities

Barton Tutoring Program

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May/June 2021 Newsletter – Bulletin de mai/juin 2021

LDANB-TAANB's May/June Newsletter has an introduction to our Summer Interns, information on CELA/l’ACDE, and some interesting stats on our Barton Tutoring Program.
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March 2021 Newsletter – Bulletin de mars 2021

LDANB-TAANB's March 2021 Newsletter has details on the launch of the first LDANB-TAANB Scholarship.
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February 2021 Newsletter – Bulletin de février 2021

LDANB-TAANB's February 2021 Newsletter has details on the LDANB Teacher Group, a webinar on French Immersion, and an update on the Barton Tutoring Program.
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January 2021 Newsletter – Bulletin de janvier 2021

LDANB-TAANB's January 2021 Newsletter has information on the Winter Semester of the Barton Tutoring Program and on the LDANB Parent Group.
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LDANB Scholarship Winner Announcement

Isabelle Fletcher wins the Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick’s first annual scholarship. The Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick was pleased to offer its first annual scholarship for students with learning disabilities graduating from grade 12 and going to post-secondary and for students currently enrolled in post-secondary studies. Out of the 31 submissions, we
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LDANB-TAANB’s Response to Bill 35

March 22, 2021 Re: Bill 35 Amendments to the Education Act Dear Minister Cardy, The Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick (LDANB) is a provincial organization that supports and promotes the abilities of persons with learning disabilities. We serve as a provincial authority on learning disabilities and together with the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada,


What are people saying about us?
  • The greatest pleasure of all is seeing the improved confidence and the renewed enjoyment that the students experience when reading; an activity which prior to the LINKS program caused a great deal of frustration.
    Methods and Resource Teacher
  • My daughter is having her assessment done this Saturday and we are all very excited and grateful to your organization for setting us on the right track. We felt we were 'blind' in our search for progress. You came to our rescue!!  
    Parent of Child with LD
  • “I had the great pleasure of attending your SFS Workshop. Within the first ten minutes I came to regret that I had not signed up for the complete two day session, and given the opportunity again I would certainly do so. I did come away much more knowledgeable than when I arrived, which is positive, but also with the realization of how much more I should know to enable me to serve learning disabled clients more effectively.”
    Employment counselor
  • "The confidence I gained in myself as a result of the LDANB Program prompted me to enroll in university. I went for four years part time and one year full time. In 2005 I graduated earning a 3.6 GPA. I experienced pride in myself for the first time in my life the day I walked across that stage.”
    LD adult
  • Garath has always been very good at reading facial expressions and guessing with pictures. After a summer of testing, a psychologist recommended the Barton system for his specific type of dyslexia. Luckily we learned that the LDANB uses this system in our own city. We knew that we were in for the long haul since we had already been with other tutors for a few years and he was still struggling with the alphabet and stuck with only about 20 memorized words (even though he was already in Grade 2). About a year in, a one page, three paragraph story was sent home for him to read over a long break. We dreaded the fear, frustration and disappointment that would ensue as we saw all of the long five and six letter words on the page. However, we shed tears of joy that night as he sat down and slowly but surely sounded each word out, only getting caught on one word that did not follow the usual sound rules. To be honest, we did not expect this progress after just one year. It has been a few months since then, and we continue to see progress and most importantly see him look at words on a page without any fear.
    Parent of a student participating in the Barton Tutoring Program
  • From a parent who has a student in our Barton Tutoring Program: "Taylor has been life changing for our daughter. She reminds us it’s tutoring night, is eager to start, tells us what Taylor has taught her and teaches her school teacher/resource tips that she has learnt. Her confidence in all areas has improved. The rapport she has with Taylor is clear from the first minute tutoring starts. Thank you Taylor, for making tutoring successful and enjoyable!"
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