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Supreme Court Ruling on Learning Disabilities

Barton Tutoring Program

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Help us improve the lives of those affected by learning disabilities.


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LDANB Awards Gala

The staff and board of LDANB are ending October with full hearts after a great month of celebration. October marked Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, Dyslexia Awareness Month, and LDANB celebrated its 50th anniversary as an association.
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September Newsletter – Bulletin de Septembre

50th Anniversary Awards Gala  As announced this summer, LDANB will be holding its first Award Gala on October 22nd. This will be an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick over the past 50 years. We will be honoring current serving board members with five or more years of
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Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Learning disabilities are the most common disability among youth ages 15-24.
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August 2020 Newsletter – Bulletin d’août 2020

50th Anniversary Awards Gala The nominations for Individual/Group with Outstanding Achievement in the Support of Persons with Learning Disabilities are now closed. We sincerely thank all who have submitted a nomination. Please stay tuned for our announcement of the award recipient in the month of October, as well as special recognition for individuals and groups who
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The Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick aims to promote the understanding and acceptance of the ability of persons with learning disabilities to lead meaningful and successful lives.  Our mission is to establish accurate information regarding learning disabilities, assist families, adults with LDs and professionals, and speak as a provincial authority on learning disabilities.  To mark
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July 2020 Newsletter – Bulletin de Juillet 2020

Click HERE for the July 2020 Newsletter. Cliquez ICI pour le bulletin de juillet 2020. Highlights from the Newsletter – Faits Saillants du Bulletin The Premier’s Council on Disabilities has released New Brunswick’s Disability Action Plan for Persons with a Disability: Accountable Path Forward to an Equal Opportunity! In developing the report, the council undertook an extensive consultation process.


What are people saying about us?
  • The greatest pleasure of all is seeing the improved confidence and the renewed enjoyment that the students experience when reading; an activity which prior to the LINKS program caused a great deal of frustration.
    Methods and Resource Teacher
  • My daughter is having her assessment done this Saturday and we are all very excited and grateful to your organization for setting us on the right track. We felt we were 'blind' in our search for progress. You came to our rescue!!  
    Parent of Child with LD
  • “I had the great pleasure of attending your SFS Workshop. Within the first ten minutes I came to regret that I had not signed up for the complete two day session, and given the opportunity again I would certainly do so. I did come away much more knowledgeable than when I arrived, which is positive, but also with the realization of how much more I should know to enable me to serve learning disabled clients more effectively.”
    Employment counselor
  • "The confidence I gained in myself as a result of the LDANB Program prompted me to enroll in university. I went for four years part time and one year full time. In 2005 I graduated earning a 3.6 GPA. I experienced pride in myself for the first time in my life the day I walked across that stage.”
    LD adult
  • Garath has always been very good at reading facial expressions and guessing with pictures. After a summer of testing, a psychologist recommended the Barton system for his specific type of dyslexia. Luckily we learned that the LDANB uses this system in our own city. We knew that we were in for the long haul since we had already been with other tutors for a few years and he was still struggling with the alphabet and stuck with only about 20 memorized words (even though he was already in Grade 2). About a year in, a one page, three paragraph story was sent home for him to read over a long break. We dreaded the fear, frustration and disappointment that would ensue as we saw all of the long five and six letter words on the page. However, we shed tears of joy that night as he sat down and slowly but surely sounded each word out, only getting caught on one word that did not follow the usual sound rules. To be honest, we did not expect this progress after just one year. It has been a few months since then, and we continue to see progress and most importantly see him look at words on a page without any fear.
    Parent of a student participating in the Barton Tutoring Program
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