Membership with LDANB is open to all who are interested in the welfare of children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities. A strong membership is a factor in how successful we are in effecting changes that will enable those with a learning disability to succeed and lead meaningful and rewarding lives.


An affiliation with the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, giving us a national voice and a network of other learning disabilities associations across Canada.

All members receive a monthly newsletter via email. The newsletter provides highlights of LDANB activities around the province, shares valuable resources and information on LDs, and can help connect readers with community partners.

Notification of meetings, seminars and conferences in our province and in across the Maritimes. Members will be the first to know when we announce any upcoming events or training.

Information on issues of concern to parents and guardians of children and youth with LD, e.g. what are your rights, how to obtain an assessment, and how to claim the extra costs associated with LD on your tax return, etc.

Keeping parents, guardians, professionals, and government departments abreast of the latest information by putting on workshops.

For more information please email or call +1 506 459 7852