What is Screening for Success? The main purpose of the Screening for Success instrument is to identify adults at-risk for learning disabilities. In practical terms, this instrument may serve to help organizations rationalize the need for standardized academic and/or psychoeducational assessments. This instrument may also help guide specialists in their consideration of support strategies and accommodations to best meet an individual’s learning needs.

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The Screening for Success: Screening Adults At-Risk for Learning Disabilities was developed by the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada in the mid ‘90s and has been updated over the years. A sincere appreciation goes out to all of its contributors. The Learning Disabilities Association of New Brunswick (LDANB) in collaboration with the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) conducted the 2015 revision of the Screening for Success instrument.

A special thank you goes to the New Brunswick and LDAC Review Committees, Learning Disabilities Associations throughout Canada and to the many professionals working in private practice as well as those in the post-secondary system who volunteered their time and expertise for the review, update, validation and piloting of the 2015 version of the Screening for Success instrument.

New Brunswick & LDAC Screening for Success Review Team Members:

  • André Deschênes, SFS Update Project Lead and former LDANB Executive Director
  • Dr. Christina Fiedorowicz, PhD., Neuropsychologist, member of the Professional Advisory Board of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, Learning Disabilities Specialist
  • Claudette Larocque, former LDAC Executive Director 
  • Erin Hay, Learning Strategist, Apprenticeship and Certification branch of the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, GNB
  • Fabienne McKay, former LDANB Vice-President
  • Dr. Lori Leach, PhD., Strategic Initiatives Consultant, Apprenticeship and Certification Branch of the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, GNB
  • Louise Ayotte, Education Consultant, Facilitator, Researcher and Learning Disabilities Specialist
  • Ruth McGillivray, Director, Standards and Assessment, Industry Training Authority, BC
  • Sharon Dea, Licensed Psychologist, Knowledge & Personal Growth Center, NB

LDANB and LDAC wish to thank the Government of New Brunswick for their support and funding of this project through a grant from the Canada – New Brunswick Labour Market Research Agreement.


Screening Tool Interview Techniques and Best Practices
Questionnaire de dépistage techniques d'interview et practiques exemplaires