Fall 2015 Reflexions – Page 10

A Poem for your thoughts

I’m asked to read aloud in front of the class,
But the words swim before my eyes.
I start to sweat, I’m breathing fast;
The print I see I cannot recognize.
The Students stare expectantly, they wait for me to speak.
But I can’t focus, can’t grasp the words;
I feel so useless, I feel so weak;
My eyes tear up, and my vison’s blurred.
The giggles start as they see my trouble,
No one seems to understand what’s wrong.
The letters, for me, flip around and double;
My class assumes I’m stupid because I’m taking so long.
Their laughing faces fill my head,
Mocking me, making me feel like I’m somehow less

I don’t know why I am this way,
I’ve done nothing to deserve this;
Why choose one person through which to convey
The pressure that becomes paralysis?
I finally decide there’s no more use;
I descend from the podium, shamefaced.
My teacher’s mad, she thinks it’s some ruse;
For my punishment, I am braced.
I sink in my seat, my skin a lot paler,
Through the window, a cloud covers the sun.
But I don’t notice, all I see is my failure;
Once again, the dyslexia has won.

Written by Tilly, Grade 9 Language Arts Fredericton High School

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