Section 3: Post-Secondary Education Services, Financial Services & Student Accessibility

Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

Chestnut Complex
P. O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1
Tel: (506) 453-2597
Fax: (506) 453-3618
Hours of operation: Mon. to Fri.: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Web Site:

New Brunswick Student Financial Services

Telephone: 506-453-2577 (Fredericton and area)
Toll-Free: 1-800-667-5626

Supporting Students with Disabilities

The Supporting Students with Disabilities course and resource site  has been designed as a resource for postsecondary education faculty and Accessibility Centre/Disability Services Office support staff, tutors, and mentors, particularly in New Brunswick, Canada, but is offered free of charge to anyone, anywhere who has an interest in the subject area.

Of particular interest for someone with a learning disability:

Module 6: Learning Disabilities:

Assistive Technology:


Disability Awards

Your portal to awards and scholarships for students with disabilities studying at Canada’s colleges and universities!

Post-Secondary Institutions in New-Brunswick

Mount Allison University
Wallace McCain Student Centre
62 York St.
Sackville, NB E4L 1E2
Phone: 506-364-2163
Fax: 506-364-2172

The Meighen Centre

The Centre is nationally recognized for its work with students who have learning disabilities and has recently expanded to include services for students with all types of disabilities.

In addition to providing services to students, the Centre works to help those outside the Mount Allison community better understand disabilities and runs a research program to study disabilities, particularly those affecting young adults.

Mount Allison was one of the first universities in Canada to establish a centre specifically for students with learning disabilities. The Meighen Centre has since cemented its reputation as one of the country’s leading support and research facilities in this field.

It now will have the opportunity to extend that expertise to students on campus with other types of disabilities.


  • Adaptive Software
  • Advocacy
  • Alternate Formats
  • Assessments
  • Counseling
  • Note-takers
  • Peer tutors
  • Scanning
  • Text/exam accommodations
  • Time Management and Organizational Help
  • Writing Assistance and Proof Reading

St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University welcomes students with disabilities and commits itself to work with each student to develop a program which will allow individual learning needs to be met. Services for student accessibility include a variety of accommodations and services for students who have special needs.

Like many universities in Canada, St. Thomas University has admission criteria designed to ensure that every student who is admitted is academically prepared to be successful in his or her chosen direction of study. Student Services attempts to give students with special needs reasonable accommodations and services. At the same time, all admitted students are held to the same academic standards and expectations as their non-disabled peers.

After admission, St. Thomas University students are encouraged to register with Student Services and to provide documentation of their disability. (All disclosed information is confidential.) Accommodations and services are determined on an individual basis for each student and will vary from one student to the next depending on laws, university policy, financial support availability, disability verification and professional judgment.

Student Accessibility Centre
P.O. Box 4569
Fredericton, NB E3B 5G3
Tel: (506) 453-7207
Fax: (506) 450-9615
Email: accessibility@stu.caWeb:


  • Special admission assistance priority registration.
  • Campus/residence orientation tutoring
  • Note-takers/readers classroom testing accommodations
  • Financial support advising specialized adapted computer access
  • Disability management advising phoneic/ear braille
  • Individual counselling sessions writing support services
  • Equipment loan advocacy
  • Life-and-study-skills coaching referral to other campus departments and to off campus community services

Université de Moncton

Le Service d’accès et de soutien à l’apprentissage

L’Université de Moncton possède depuis 2009 un Service d’accès et de soutien à l’apprentissage qui offre des services aux étudiantes et étudiants ayant besoin de services particuliers ou de mesures d’adaptation. Le Service d’accès et de soutien à ’apprentissage est destiné aux personnes qui poursuivent leurs études à l’Université de Moncton, campus de Moncton. Il vise à faciliter l’intégration académique et à développer l’autonomie des étudiantes et des étudiants ayant besoin de services particuliers ou de mesures d’adaptation. Le Service d’accès et de soutien à l’apprentissage leur offre aussi un appui dans les objectifs d’études qu’elles et qu’ils se sont fixés. Service d’accès et de soutien à l’apprentissage offre des services de suivis effectués par des conseillères en intégration qui font l’encadrement des étudiantes et des étudiants et qui offrent du soutien au secteur académique. De plus, le Service offre un appui d’une conseillère en stratégies d’apprentissage afin d’aider les étudiantes et les étudiants à parfaire leurs stratégies d’apprentissage, ainsi qu’à choisir, comprendre et utiliser les aides technologiques. Il y a aussi un centre pour la passation des examens, mieux connu sous le vocable de CASA (Centre d’accès et de soutien à l’apprentissage), géré par la responsable de l’administration des examens. Des surveillantes et des surveillants sont disponibles, au besoin.

Pour obtenir des services particuliers ou des mesures d’adaptation, l’étudiante ou l’étudiant doit fournir un rapport d’évaluation préparé par une professionnelle ou un professionnel de la santé. Ce rapport confirme l’une des conditions suivantes : une incapacité physique, un trouble d’apprentissage, un trouble de santé mentale chronique, une déficience auditive ou visuelle, un trouble déficitaire de l’attention, un trouble du spectre autistique ou une condition médicale chronique.

Services Disponibles :

  • Évaluation des besoins : équipements spécialisés, technologie adaptée, mesures d’adaptation ou accessibilité ou autres services.
  • Collaboration avec les facultés, les directions de programme, les membres du corps professoral et le personnel de soutien.
  • Soutien pour le recrutement de fournisseurs de services (p. ex. preneuses ou preneurs de notes, tutrices ou tuteurs).
  • Lien avec les ressources communautaires.
  • Appui pour les demandes d’aide financière.
  • Consultations individuelles.
  • Soutien pour développer des stratégies d’apprentissage et pour l’utilisation des technologies d’aide.
  • Service pour administrer les examens avec mesures d’adaptation : CASA (Centre d’accès et de soutien et d’apprentissage).
  • Autres… selon les ressources disponibles et les limites financières.

Nous Joindre:

Services aux étudiantes et étudiants (SAÉÉ)
Téléphone :        (506) 858-3794
Télécopieur :      (506) 858-4456
Courriel :              service.acces.umcm@umoncton.caAdresse civique :        Bibliothèque Champlain (MCH)
415, avenue de l’Université
Local : 2e étage
Adresse postale:         Université de Moncton
Campus de Moncton
Pavillon Léopold-Taillon
18, avenue Antonine-Maillet
Moncton, NB
Canada E1A 3E9


University of New Brunswick
Students with documented visible, invisible, and/or temporary disabilities may register with the Student Accessibility Centre. We serve students with the following types of disabilities and/or conditions:

  • Learning disabilitiesTemporary disabilities
  • AD/HDDeaf or hard of hearing
  • Low vision or blindness
  • Chronic health disorders
  • Physical disabilities
  • Psychiatric, psychological, emotional disorders

UNB Student Accessibility Centre                                      

Fredericton, NB E3B 6E3
Tel: (506) 453-3515
Fax: (506) 453-4765


  • Alternative media
  • Academic and classroom accommodations
  • Special arrangements for tests and exams
  • Assistance with Canada Study Grants for students with permanent disabilities
  • Access to assistive technology, advocacy and support
  • Standardized assessment in academic achievement


University of New Brunswick – Saint John  Campus
Student Services Resource Centre
Oland Hall, Room G18
P.O. Box 5050
Saint John, NB E2L 4L5
Tel: (506) 648-5501 / Fax: (506) 648-5528
E-mail: rwp@unbsj.caWeb:

Services :

  • Access to voice computer for studying
  • Day to day accommodations such as note taking, tapes of text, taping of lectures
  • One-on-one tutoring by appointment
  • Special testing (computer, quiet area, by dictation, extra time)
  • Writing Centre (free one hour sessions to work on reading/writing assignments


New Brunswick Community Colleges / Collèges Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

NBCC – Students with Disabilities:

NBCC is for everyone. Our goal is to make sure all students have the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential.

If you have a disability you feel may create a barrier to achieving your potential, we encourage you to share your experience with us before you arrive so we can respond to your specific needs. We can accommodate those with mobility impairments, learning disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, as well as those who are visually and hearing impaired.

Please make us aware of your disability-related needs before registration, so your campus can help you achieve the services you need in a timely manner. Self-identify by completing our form or contacting the College Admissions Service at 1-888-796-NBCC.

Your information will be confidential in accordance with the New Brunswick Protection of Personal Information Act. The College Admissions Service (CAS) will send your information to the campus.  The Student Accommodations Advisor (SAA) and Counsellor will work with you to determine your needs and put in place appropriate academic supports and services.


  • Staff responsible for delivery of services to students with disabilities will verify classroom, laboratory and washroom accessibility at the beginning of each session to arrange any necessary adjustments
  • Reserved parking for persons with disabilities
  • Automatic doors, ramps, access to elevators, access to student lockers
  • Academic accommodations
  • Service accommodations
  • Note takers
  • College orientation
  • Support during registration
  • Library support services
  • Test accommodations: Additional time; Distraction-free room; Reader/scribe
  • Purchasing support services
  • Assistive technology
  • Alternate format documentation
  • Tutoring services
  • Proofreading services

Please Note:  Some of these services have a fee attached which needs to be paid for by the student. Students can apply for bursaries and grants to cover some or all of these costs.  Please see the Counsellor and/or Student Accommodations Advisor for more information about these funding options.


Contact: Student Accommodations Advisor (SAA) of your local NBCC Campus:

Fredericton Campus
26 Duffie Drive
Fredericton, NB E3B 0R6
(506) 453-3641

Miramichi Campus
80 University Avenue
Miramichi, NB E1N 0C6
(506) 778-6000

Moncton Campus
1234 Mountain Road
Moncton, NB E1C 8H9
(506) 856-2220

Saint John Campus
950 Grandview Avenue
Saint John, NB E2J 4C5
(506) 658-6600

St. Andrews Campus
99 Augustus Street
St. Andrews, NB E5B 2E9
(506) 529-5024

Woodstock Campus
100 Broadway Street
Woodstock, NB E7M 5C5
(506) 325-4400


Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

Services aux étudiants ayant une incapacité permanente Pour de plus amples renseignements:

Le CCNB s’investit à créer et maintenir un environnement inclusif ouvert à tous en offrant des services de soutien de qualité aux étudiants ayant une incapacité permanente. Par le biais du Centre de soutien à l’apprentissage, les étudiants ayant une incapacité permanente (trouble d’apprentissage, trouble de motricité, déficience psychique, cécité ou déficience visuelle, surdité ou déficience auditive, maladie chronique ou autres déficiences) peuvent bénéficier de services adaptés dès le début de l’année collégiale.

Détermination des besoins

À partir d’un rapport psychoéducationnel et en collaboration avec l’étudiant, l’enseignant responsable et le conseiller en orientation, le coordonnateur à l’inclusion élabore un plan d’accommodements individualisé (PAI).

Services offerts par le Centre de soutien à l’apprentissage

À partir d’un rapport psychoéducationnel et en collaboration avec l’étudiant, l’enseignant responsable et le conseiller en orientation, le coordonnateur à l’inclusion élabore un plan d’accommodements individualisé (PAI).
Services :

  • un service de prise de notes
  • un service de lecture
  • un service de tutorat
  • un service d’accompagnement
  • des heures supplémentaires pour les évaluations
  • un local sans distraction
  • l’enregistrement des cours
  • des documents en format adapté (braille, audio, agrandissement, papier couleur)
  • une charge de cours réduite
  • du matériel spécialisé et une technologie adaptée


Responsables des Services de coordination à l’inclusion dans le réseau du CCNB

Paul Cyr, coordonnateur provincial
C.P. 309
47, avenue du Village
Campbellton (Nouveau-Brunswick) E3N 3G7
Courriel :
Téléphone : 506-789-2469 ou 1-888-648-4111
Télécopieur : 506-789-2433
Campus de Bathurst
Nadia Morais (rue du Collège)
C.P. 266
725, rue du Collège
Bathurst (Nouveau-Brunswick) E2A 3Z2
Courriel :
Téléphone : 506-547-2165 ou 1-800-552-5483
Télécopieur : 506-547-7674
Campus de Campbellton
Aurore Perron
C.P. 309
47, avenue du Village
Campbellton (Nouveau-Brunswick) E3N 3G7
Courriel :
Téléphone : 506-789-2994 ou 1-888-648-4111
Télécopieur : 506-789-2433
Campus de Dieppe
Marie-Lyne Bastille
505, rue du Collège
Dieppe (Nouveau-Brunswick) E1A 6X2
Téléphone : 506-856-6152 ou 1-800-561-7162
Télécopieur : 506-856-2847
Campus d’Edmundston
Valérie Levesque
C.P. 70
35, rue du 15-Août
Edmundston (Nouveau-Brunswick) E3V 3K7
Téléphone : 506-735-2259 ou 1-888-695-2262
Télécopieur : 506-735-2717
Campus de la Péninsule acadienne
Liette Sonier
232 A, avenue de l’Église
Shippagan (Nouveau-Brunswick) E8S 1J2
Téléphone : 506-336-3290 ou 1-866-299-9900
Télécopieur : 506-336-3075

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design

The New Brunswick College of Craft & Design acknowledges that the fundamental requirement for successful inclusion of students with disabilities is recognizing that they are individuals with rights and responsibilities equal to those of other students.

The College will make every effort, where feasible, to be accessible to, and include persons with disabilities (mobility impairment, learning disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, blind/visual impairment, other disabilities). Our goal is to ensure that each student, regardless of the disability, has the opportunity to access appropriate and viable training opportunities in the visual arts. If you are a person with a disability with specific needs, we encourage you to share any appropriate information with us as we aim to work with you on lessening possible barriers wish can affect your full participation in college activities.

Contact for Services for Students with Disabilities:

Office of the Registrar
Nancy Beaulieu at (506) 453-6491
Toll-free at 1-877-400-1107

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