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Greetings from the Executive Director
As with many young families, fall signals the return to daily routines: school, scheduled activities, homework and earlier bed times. For me, this time also signals the return to work and I suspect the next few months will keep me very busy.
Fall presents an especially hectic period for LDANB this year as we move ahead with an intensive Screening for Success training schedule and pursue our management and assessment initiatives, our expanded Barton literacy program as well as work on our Atlantic symposium on Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) scheduled for Friday April 22nd, 2016 at the Wu Conference Center. I’m certainly looking forward to sharing our progress on these initiatives and others in the following newsletters as we pursue our goal to better serve students, their families and adults with SLD and those at-risk for SLD.
Turning my attention to staffing, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ashley Linden for her work with LDANB over the last year. Her time with us was appreciated and we wish her well as she moves on with new career goals. I’d also like to welcome Leigh-Anne Bleakney-Long (Leigh) on her new position with LDANB as assistant to the education officer. Congratulations to you Leigh and, on behalf of the LDANB board and myself, all the very best in your new functions.
With many projects on the go and 2 new initiatives already on the horizon, I anticipate LDANB will be moving ahead stronger than ever in 2015-2016. If successful, a new full time position may very well be added to our Fredericton office. It is certainly a great time to be part of this growing organization as we strive to better serve our members and all New Brunswickers at-risk for SLD.
Time to embrace the fall colours, enjoy!
André Deschênes,
Executive Director


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