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October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month!
2015 Marks the 28th annual LD Awareness month in Canada!

In 1985 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October to be Learning Disabilities Awareness month in the USA. Here in Canada, we have been recognizing Learning Disabilities Awareness Month since 1987. Learning Disabilities Awareness Month is about shining a light on Learning Disabilities (LDs) and the people who live with them every single day.
In 2006, Statistics Canada found that there are more children with Learning Disabilities than children with any other disabilities combined. Approximately 3.2% of Canadian Children have a Learning Disability. That equals 1 student for every bus load of students in Canada. Children are not the only people affected by LDs. Over one half-million Canadian adults are affected by Learning Disabilities and many of them were diagnosed later in life. Statistics Canada also found that between 2001 and 2006, Learning Disabilities increased by nearly 40%. That jump made LDs the fastest growing type of disability in Canada that is not related to aging. Every day, but especially this month, LDANB would like to encourage you to learn more about Learning Disabilities and to share what you have learned with others so that we may increase awareness of LDs and foster full inclusion and acceptance of persons with LDs in our community.

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month is also about highlighting LDs and successes that people with LDs have. People with learning disabilities do go on to lead successful lives. Whoopi Goldberg has been diagnosed with dyslexia herself and she is a very successful entertainer. She is one of only a handful people to every win an Emmy, a Tony, a Grammy and an Oscar. Whoopi speaks openly about her dyslexia and how she learned to manage it. Well-known journalist Anderson Cooper also has a mild form of dyslexia. These are just two people who did not let their learning disability stop them from achieving great things. Having a Learning Disability does not stop someone from achieving their dreams and part of October being Learning Disability awareness month is having those stories recognized and having them inspire other people to strive for their dreams.


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